Typeicon-GS Typeicon-Lightning
Zhearkhan spirit of lightning by zephyros phoenix-d2bzkez
Personal data
Alias The Storm, Master Spirit of Lightning, Raiju
Gender Male
Emblem Zhear-Khan emblem
Species Guardian spirit-white tiger
Classification Guardian
Morality Good
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix

Zhear-Khan, also known as the Master Spirit of Lightning, The Storm and Raiju, is a guardian spirit and the Master Spirit of lightning. He is a white tiger and was chosen by Azmyth to be the keeper of the element of lightning.

Physical description

Zhear-Khan is a large white tiger with yellow markings on his face and a lightning bolt symbol over his left eye. He has two round metal blades sticking out of his shoulders and has a giant red bow mounted on his back. His eyes are green and by each of his ankles are a brown wheel that allow him to fly.


Zhear-Khan is very fierce and brutal in battle and has no problem using his power over lightning and storms to get what he wants.


As a lightning spirit, Zhear-Khan has control over all forms of electricity and thunder, including sound, as well as mild control over storms.

Special ability

  • Mountain Sage: Power increases in presence of violent storms.


  • Lightning Claw (Offensive): Strikes foes with charged claws.
  • Lightning Blitz (Offensive): Roars and summons lightning to strike his metal wings and form an arrow of lightning on his bow. He fires it with his tail. The wings can store extra electrical energy so he does not have to roar each time to summon an arrow.
  • Thunder Crash (Offensive): Piercing roar paralyzes foe/causes opponent to flinch.
  • Mirror Shot (Defensive): Absorbs energy from opponent's attack on metal back plate and sends it back.

Weapon Transformation

Thunder brother pistols by zephyros phoenix-d4auldl

The Thunder Brother Pistols: Blitz and Donner.

Zhear-Khan's weapon form is called the Thunder Brother Pistols and takes the form of twin, bladed pistols. They are called Blitz and Donner. Blitz can shoot lightning while Donner shoots compressed sound waves and shock waves. However, there is no visible distinction between both pistols and they can only be told apart based on what they fire.

Beast Fusion

Zhear-Khan's Beast Fusion is called God of Storms. The user becomes covered in metal armor and, like Zhear-Khan, has a tail, flight wheels, blades on the back shoulders and a bow on their right wrist. The blades on the shoulders draw in lightning which travels towards the bow before forming into an arrow.


  • Zhear-Khan's design is based on the character Gekigami from Okami.
  • Blitzen and Donner are German for lightning and thunder, respectively.
  • Zhear-Khan's flight wheels were inspired by the character Hiten from Inuyasha.
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