Typeicon-MBF Typeicon-GS Typeicon-Energy
Personal data
Alias Great Origin, Origin Spirit of Energy
Gender Male
Emblem Zenith emblem
Species Guardian spirit-hydra
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix

Zenith, also known as the Origin Spirit of Energy and Great Origin is the Origin Spirit of energy and the very first Beast King. He is the first guardian spirit in existence and is known for creating several other guardian spirits. He is a nine-headed hydra beast and is rumored to be the most powerful guardian spirit in the world.

Physical description

Zenith is an enormous nine-headed lizard-like dragon. His body is covered in thick golden-brown scales and he has razor sharp claws on his hands and feet.


The exact extent of Zenith's abilities are unknown, due to him having disappeared long ago. However, legends say that he is the most powerful guardian spirit in existence and nothing can match his power. He has the ability to split his body into nine one-headed bodies or any combination, thereby also splitting up his elemental powers.

Known "children"


It is unknown how Zenith came into creation, but it is known that nearly every guardian spirit can be traced back to him somehow. He is the physical embodiment of all the elements darkness, earth, fire, lightning, wood, ice, water, wind and light. He created several guardian spirits to help bring balance and peace among the slowly evolving world.

However, it seemed that his aging body could no longer maintain a physical presence and therefore began searching for a suitable replacement and successor. He found one in Azmyth, a young red fox, whom he trained to be the next Beast King. After Azmyth was ready to take over as the Beast King, Zenith completely disappeared off the face of the Earth, shortly after creating the Domain Spirits, Radiant Orb and The Relic, a mystical object said to know everything about the past, present and future hidden at the Cretan Labyrinth and guarded by Asterion and the Scorpion Triplets.


  • Zenith is based on the Hydra.
Guardian Spirits

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