Personal data
Gender Male
Species Guardian spirit-elephant
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix

Xerxes is a guardian spirit and one of the four generals on Anlortim's Golem Batallion and is credited with exposing Brutus as a traitor, resulting in his expulsion from the army. He is the eldest of the four generals and physically the strongest. Unlike the other generals, he does not command any troops or engage physically on the battlefield. Instead, he remains behind to coordinate troops and enemy movement. He is the mate of Amestris.

Physical description

He is a gargoyle like Anlortim, but in the form of an anthropomorphic, winged elephant. Because of his immense size, his wings are not strong enough to carry him and often relies on Amestris to help him get around. He does not wear much armor due to his lack of participation in battle.


Xerxes is a guardian spirit with an unknown elemental alignment. He is capable of flight and shares Anlortim's Stone Sleep ability, which turns him to stone during daylight and healing his wounds.

Xerxes does not command any troops nor does he participate in the battlefield. Instead, he remains behind to coordinate troop and enemy movement.


Xerxes was created by Anlortim modeled after an African Elephant. Since managing an entire army proved too much for Anlortim to handle on his own, he appointed four generals to manage over each of their own divisions. Xerxes is one of Anlortim's most trusted generals and is tasked with coordinating troop and enemy movement. His mate is Amestris.

Xerxes was originally not a general like Han Xin, Leonidas and Vercingetorix. Brutus was the original fourth general, but had planned to conspire against Anlortim. Xerxes exposed his betrayal and Brutus was expelled from army. As a reward for exposing the betrayal, Anlortim awarded Xerxes with Brutus' former ranking.

When Anlortim was critically injured in battle, he was forced to flee and enter Stone Sleep to heal. However, he did not awaken the next night, remaining trapped in his stone form. With nothing to do without their leader, the generals split up their troops across the globe where they too entered a Stone Sleep and would only awaken once Anlortim called for them. Xerxes and Amestris remained behind with Anlortim.


  • Xerxes is named after Xerxes I of Persia.
  • He is oldest of Anlortim's generals.
Guardian Spirits

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