This page refers to the group of Dragon Age fan characters. For other uses of Wolfe, see Wolfe.

Wolfe Pack
Wolfe Pack emblem

Crest of the Wolfe Pack.

Basic Information
Group Type Traveling group
Founder Ari Wolfe, Sere, Theron and Julia
Leader Ari Wolfe
Status Active

The Wolfe Pack is the name of the group referring to Ari Wolfe and her traveling companions. The group consists of Ari herself as the leader and Sere, Theron, Julia, Gaius Darragh, Nicholas Sterling and Ripley. Their primary goal is surviving the chaos of the Mage-Templar War, protecting Ari from templars and various other personal quests of members.



The Wolfe Pack was formed by Ari Wolfe, Sere, Theron and Julia, all of whom agreed to travel together. Over time, others joined the group. They have no real goal other than to try and survive the chaos unleashed by the Mage-Templar War and to protect Ari from the templars. Occasionally, they will embark on a personal quest on behalf of one of the members.



  • The name is a reference to wolf packs, groups of wolves that feed and hunt together in a social group.

Wolfe Pack

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