Lady Wisteria

Wave as Lady Wisteria.

Lady Wisteria (ウィスターイア Wisutaaia) is the Arthurian Times version of canon character, Wave the Swallow. She is an aspiring blacksmith in competition with Blacksmith Tails and the love interest of Sir Lamorak.


Because of her gifted knowledge in blacksmithing, Wisteria comes off as overconfident in her abilities and rather shrewd. She forgets that others aren't as smart as her and uses complex terms that others may not understand when speaking. She often clashes with Lamorak because of his incredibly stubborn personality and is usually the one who has to let the air out of his head. Despite this, the two care for each other greatly.


Wisteria is a skilled blacksmith, having been taught everything she knows from her grandfather. She is also highly intelligent.


Wisteria was raised by her grandfather and learn all the arts and skills of blacksmithing from him. After he died, she inherited his shop and began working as a blacksmith. Her crafts are highly superior to the common blacksmith and many come to her for weapons. However, she remains in high competition with a young and talented blacksmith named Tails.

When she first meets Lamorak, the two bump into each other in the town. Wisteria acknowledges that he is a knight, but does not care and proceeds to berate him for not watching where he walks. The two proceed to argue, but are eventually calmed by Sir Percival. Lamorak's growing interest in Wisteria eventually resulted them in forming a romantic relationship.


  • Wisteria's occupation of blacksmith is a reference to Wave's mechanical abilities on the Babylon Rogues.
  • Wisteria's backstory is based on original character, Odette Blanc.

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