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William the Coyote
Crest of Galen
William the Coyote

Will is a budding technomage and member of the House of Galen.

Personal data
Nicknames Will
Age 15
Gender Male
Species Mythsetian coyote
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix
Appearances Sonic Rangers Ninja Storm

This page is comprised of William the Coyote's relationships with characters he has interacted with.


While Will idolizes his superiorly skilled family, he can't help but harbor resentment towards them. Being the middle child, Will does not receive as much attention from his father as Lobo and Jackie do - Lobo being trained by Anubis to replace him as family head while Jackie received more training to master her highly developed and prodigious skills. He often finds himself confiding in his two cousins, Ezo and Okami.

Anubis the Jackal

Jacqueline the Jackal

Lobo the Wolf

Okami and Ezo the Wolf


Joan the Jaguar

Phoebe the Moonrat

Ren the Fox


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