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Wihtikow hollow mother by zephyros phoenix-d3edqoz
Personal data
Alias Hollow Mother, Origin Spirit of Ice
Gender Female
Emblem Wihtikow emblem
Species Leporis (former)
Guardian spirit-wendigo
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix

Wihtikow, also known as the Origin Spirit of Ice and Hollow Mother, is a guardian spirit and the Origin Spirit of ice. She is one of the first spirits created by Zenith and is the original source of the element of ice. She takes on the form of the mythical Wendigo.

Physical description

Wihtikow is a giant mass of bones, fur and muscle. She is very large and her body is made up of multiple different wolf bones. Muscle meat often hangs off her bones like they are about to fall off. On her tail and horns, she wears various charms and items from her human life.


As the original source of ice, Wihtikow is able to manipulate all forms of frozen water. She can freeze any liquid substance and is capable of conjuring up powerful tundra storms. She is very agile and capable of crossing through some of the most harsh blizzards and displays incredible strength.

Special ability

  • Bone Link: Wihtikow’s body can disassemble into a pack of wolves and vice versa.


  • Hollow Howl: Wihtikow unleashes an earth shattering shriek that paralyzes her opponents.
  • Regeneration: This defensive technique activates the minute Wihtikow’s body shatters from an attack. The bones and fur of her body re link and connect back together.
  • Wolf Tundra: Unleashes a powerful blizzard that freezes her enemies and buries them in snow.
  • Final Requiem: Wihtikow has only ever used this attack once, but legend says that none can survive it’s might.


  • Wihtikow's design was influenced by moonshadow01's "Howl of the Wendigo."
  • Wihtikow is the only leporis-based Origin Spirit. Therefore, she was not created by Zenith, but was transformed into one by him.
  • 'Wihtikow' is another way of saying Wendigo.
Guardian Spirits

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