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Wakiya thundering wings by zephyros phoenix-d3egffy
Personal data
Alias Thundering Wings, Origin Spirit of Thunder and Lightning
Gender Male
Emblem Wakiya emblem
Species Guardian spirit-thunderbird
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix

Wakiya, also known as the Origin Spirit of Thunder and Lightning and Thundering Wings, is a guardian spirit and the Origin Spirit of thunder and lightning. He is one of the first spirits created by Zenith and is the original source of the element of lightning. He takes on the form of a thunderbird.

Physical description

Wakiya is a large brown bird with a huge wingspan. His wings and body are decorated with Haida symbols and he has two dark brown, curved horns on his head. A single feather sticks out of his head and he has two long, silver ribbons hanging from his back. He also has a second pair of smaller wings sticking out of his chest and a whale's dorsal fin on his back.


As the original source of thunder and lightning, Wakiya can control all forms of electricity and storms. With a single beat of his wings, he can generate powerful thunderstorms.

Special ability

  • Sacred Wings: Wakiya is able to generate strong winds with just the single beat of his wings.


  • Lightning Feather Storm: Wakiya shoots his feathers and lightning at the opponent and fires beams of lightning from his eyes
  • Whale’s Protection: forms a shield from his whale fin on his back
  • Thunder Clap: Using his special ability, Wakiya incapacitates his opponents with winds and shock waves.
  • Omega Lightning Sword: Fires a powerful beam of lightning from between his two long tail feathers.


  • Wakiya is based on the Native American Thunderbird.
  • Wakiya's name translates to "thunderbird" in Lakota, with wakhą, meaning "sacred" and kįyą, meaning "winged."
  • Wakiya served as the name sake for Pokémon fan character Wakiya.
Guardian Spirits

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