Lady vivien

Rouge as Lady Vivien

Lady Vivien (ヴィヴィーアン Viviian) is the Arthurian Times counterpart of canon character, Rouge the Bat. She is a tavern keeper and one of the love interests of Sir Gawain.


Lady Vivien is a proud and independent young woman with an avaricious taste for riches and money rivaled only by her narcissism. She is sassy and quite flirtatious as well as highly competitive, using her looks to manipulate people to get what she wants. While her thirst for wealth knows no bounds, she can sometimes show a nicer side to her personality.


Vivien is cunning and manipulative, even having used her looks and feminine wiles to get what she wants from others. She is also a successful businesswoman.


Vivien's background is relatively unknown, but she did grow up on her own and raise herself. This resulted in her highly dependent nature and reluctance to rely on anyone but herself. At some point, she acquired the deed to a tavern in Camelot castle - though it is more likely that she won it in a bet with the owner - and remodled the tavern, eventually turning it into the most successful tavern in the town.

She has a rivalry with Julianna over the affections of Sir Gawain, but whether or not she actually has any feelings for Gawain or is simply toying with Julianna is uncertain. It is likely that she is only after Gawain because of her own competitive nature and that Julianna wants him.


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