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Urodela the Salamander
Crest of Mestaclocan
Urodela the salamander

Urodela is a member of the Mestaclocan family and Axel's love interest.

Personal data
Nicknames Urey
Age 20
Gender Female
Species Unknown Mythsetian, appears as salamander
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix

Urodela the Salamander (ウロッデラ・ザ ・サラマンダー Uroddera za Saramandaa), commonly referred to as Urey (ユリー Yurii) is a 20 year old anthropomorphic female Mythsetian "salamander". She is a member of the House of Mestaclocan and younger sister to Caudata and older sister to Mosaic. She is also the love interest of Axel the Bandicoot.

Physical description

Urodela is a dark red-brown color with a grain-like pattern and a large red stripe along her back. Her sclera is pure black while her eyes are a bright red-yellow. She wears gloves, boots with spot patterns and a cloak with hood covering her head.


Urodela is very kind and caring, but also rather self conscious about her appearance. Though she can morph to change her appearance, she remains in her salamander form and instead hides her face with the hood of her cloak.


As a Mythsetian, Urodela is gifted with form alteration abilities from her bloodline. Born into the House of Mestaclocan, Urodela is able to morph her appearance to fit that of a person on inanimate object. However, any natural abilities are unknown due to her original species being unknown.


  • Shapeshifting: Urodela is capable of changing her own form due to her family bloodline.
    • Biomorphing: Urodela is able to transform into any living thing.
    • Body manipulation: Urodela can manipulate any aspect of her body and even form natural weaponry.
    • Malleable anatomy: Urodela can rearrange the physiological features of her body.
    • Partial transformation: Urodela is able to transform part of her body independently from the rest.
    • Size manipulation: Urodela can alter her size.
    • Self-molecular manipulation: Urodela can manipulate her own molecular structure.
    • Item mimicry: Urodela is able to mimic inanimate objects.
    • Doppelgänger morphing: Urodela can take on the appearance of other beings.
    • Accelerated healing: As a result of her shapeshifting abilities, Urodela is able to enhance his recovery rate.
    • Enhanced strength: Urodela is capable of increasing her strength through the use of his shapeshifting abilities.
  • Enhanced flexibility


  • Shy and self-conscious: Urodela is very shy and self-conscious about herself and her lack of confidence affects her ability to shapeshift. In fact, startling her can cause her to shapeshift unintentionally.


  • Cloak: Like members of her family, Urodela wears a cloak.


  • Urodela's name derives from the order which extant species of salamanders are grouped under.
  • Urodela's design is based on a redback salamander.

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