Turnsole 2016
Owner Hyacintha Litwinovii
Weapon Long Distance Bladed Bow
Type Ranged, melee
Weapon derivation Bow, blades

Turnsole is Hyacintha "Cynthia" Litwinovii's weapon of choice. It is a Long Distance Bladed Bow (LDBB), a bow with built-in blades on the bow arms that she forged at Signal Academy. On either side of the handles are light purple flower shapes with red centers and purple guards. The limbs are dark purple with red spots along the length of the limb. There are also two large silver blades along the length of each of the limbs. On the top nock are two white feathers tied to a ring.

Cynthia primarily uses Turnsole as a standard bow to shoot targets from a distance with her arrows. She can utilize it as a melee weapon if something hostile gets too close.


  • Turnsole is a Middle English name meaning "to turn to the sun", which is also the meaning of heliotrope.


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