Tokugawa Clan
405px-Tokugawa family crest.svg

The crest of the Tokugawa Clan.

Basic Information
Group Type Clan
Founder Uncertain
Status Active

The Tokugawa Clan (徳川氏 Tokugawa-shi) is a clan of Perenese Samurai turned mercenary group currently lead by Masao Tokugawa. They are mortal enemies of the Hattori Clan and are engaged in a three-way war with the Takeda Clan and the Oda Clan.


At some point in his military career, their ancestor, Masao was approached by his loyal vassal Hanzo Hattori. Hanzo wanted the work and successes of him and his clan to be recognized as separate from the Tokugawa's. Essentially, he wanted credit for doing his part, and therefore declared independence from the Tokugawa Clan. However, Masao took this as an act of treason and betrayal and subsequently cast out the Hattori Clan and declared them enemies of the Tokugawa.

Currently led by Masao Tokugawa, named after his ancestor, Masao had seized control over the clan at the young age of 16. His current mission is to wipe out the Hattori Clan to make up for accidentally befriending one of their members, Shizuka Hattori, during his childhood, an act that he sees as dishonoring his family. The Tokugawa Clan is now commonly referred to as the Golden Hollyhocks and is one of the top ranked mercenary organizations in Aileron.


  • The Tokugawa Clan is based on the real life counterparts of the same name.

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