The Gentleman

The Gentleman collapsed

The Gentleman

Owner Jade Everett
Weapon Collapsible Dust Empowered Sword
Type Melee, ranged
Weapon derivation Collapsible jian, Dust

The Gentleman is Jade Everett's weapon of choice that she inherited from her mother. It is a Collapsible Dust Empowered Sword (CDES), a collapsible sword resembling a Chinese jian imbued with Dust, allowing Jade to utilize various attacks. Jade is highly skilled at wielding her sword in battle to both conjure up defenses to block attacks and unleash powerful close or ranged attacks on her opponents.

On her waist, Jade has several pouches containing Dust blades of many varieties. When the blade is collapsed, Jade can switch out the blades by hand to achieve a variety of effects in battle.


  • The Gentleman is based on Weiss' Myrtenaster and Raven Branwen's sword.

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