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Team Scales
Team scales by zephyros phoenix-d4l0spb

The members of Team Scales.

Basic Information
Group Type Team
Leader Azure the Dragon
Members Azure the Dragon
Sapphire the Kelpie
Shamrock the Tree Nymph
Status Active
Team Scales (ティーム ・スケイルズ Tiimu Sukeiruzu) is a group primarily consisting of Azure the Dragon, Sapphire the Kelpie and Shamrock the Tree Nymph from the House of Mythos. They are the primary protagonist group of Rise of the Titans.


Azure is the leader and fly member of Team Scales. She can control lightning as well as generate storms.
Sapphire is the speed member of Team Scales and the older sister of Azure and Sharmock. She can control water.
Shamrock is the power member of Team Scales and younger to Sapphire but older to Azure. She can control all forms of plant life.

Unofficial members


After stopping Garnett's prophecy, Sapphire accompanied Azure back to the mainland and G.U.N. There, she offered her services to Commander Towers as an agent in exchange for necessary psychiatric care for the traumatized Shamrock. Towers agreed to a trial run and Azure and Sapphire formed Team Scales.

Following Garnett's latest scheme, Azure, Sapphire and Shamrock band together to stop Garnett once and for all, feeling that as he is their brother, he is their responsibility. While attempting to track Team Garnett and learn of what his plans are, they also attempt to recruit their brothers, who have formed Team Drift. However, Umber is rather reluctant to go up against Garnett and unlike Payne and Sepia, Umber does not wish to get involved.

Throughout their quest, they are aided by their uncle Azreal and his Chao, June.



  • Team Scales is named so because of each member having scales.
    • Azure has dragon scales, Sapphire has fish scales and Shamrock has plant scales.
  • They are the only team to have more than three members - although those individuals are classified as allies.

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