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Team Garnett
Team garnett by zephyros phoenix-d4l0rfq

The members of Team Garnett.

Basic Information
Group Type Team
Leader Garnett the Phoenix
Members Garnett the Phoenix
Ghost the Rainbow Serpent
Pine the Yeti
Status Active
Team Garnett (ティーム ・ガニット Tiimu Ganitto) is a group primarily consisting of Garnett the Phoenix, Ghost the Rainbow Serpent and Pine the Yeti from the House of Mythos. They are the primary antagonist group in Rise of the Titans.


Garnett is the leader and fly member of Team Garnett. He can control the element of fire and was the leader of the Mythsetia Veil, deposed by his family.
Pine is the power member of Team Garnett and is the youngest of the three. He can control ice.
Ghost is the speed member of Team Garnett and older than Pine but younger than Garnett. He is mute and can control the element of light.


Team Garnett was formed out of Garnett himself and his two youngest brothers and most loyal servants, Pine and Ghost. It was they who left the Mythsetia Veil on Garnett's orders to hunt down Azure the Dragon. After Garnett learns more of their ancestor's past, he learns of an ancient relic created by him. Legend states that whoever wields the object will receive immense power and be unstoppable. Team Garnett sets out to find this object and use it's power to achieve their previous goal of world destruction. However Team Scales and Team Drift stand in their way.



  • This is the only team that is named after the leader.

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