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Team Drift
Team drift by zephyros phoenix-d4l0u5n

The members of Team Drift.

Basic Information
Group Type Team
Leader Umber the Black Dog
Members Umber the Black Dog
Payne the Griffin
Sepia the Satyr
Status Active
Team Drift (ティーム ・ドリフト Tiimu Dorifuto) is a group consisting of Umber the Black Dog, Payne the Griffin and Sepia the Satyr from the House of Mythos. They are the supporting protagonist group in Rise of the Titans.


Umber is the leader and speed member of Team Drift. He can control the element of darkness and is the leader of the Mythsetia Veil.
Payne is the fly member of Team Drift and is older then Sepia but younger than Umber. He can control wind and air.
Sepia is the power member of Team Drift and younger than Umber and Payne. He can control the element of earth.


After being freed from their forced servitude to Garnett, Umber, Sepia and Payne decide to travel the world righting wrongs, in hopes of making up for all the crimes they committed while working for their brother. They travel from place to place helping anyone in need.

However, their sisters, Team Scales, track them down, pleading them for help against Team Garnett, whom they know is up to no good. Their loyalty to their oath of atonement and their familial bond with their sisters is tested. While Payne and Sepia agree to help, also believing that Garnett is their responsibility to deal with, Umber refuses to help them, even if it goes against his swear to help those in need, because he no longer wishes to get involved with Garnett in any way.



  • Each member has the color brown in their color scheme.

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