Tanis Tatsukawa
Tanis Tatsukawa

Tanis Tatsukawa is the Operator of DragonMan.EXE

Personal data
Age 14
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation NetBattler
Morality Good
Living status Active
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix
Jack in, DragonMan.EXE! Power up!
Tanis Tatsukawa

Tanis Tatsukawa (龍川タニス Tatsukawa Tanisu) is a 14 year old girl and the operator of the NetNavi called DragonMan.EXE. Tanis possesses a love for netbattling, something her parents do not understand and often try to pull her away from. As a result, Tanis resorts to sneaking behind her parents' back in order to netbattle. She loves the thrill of a battle and facing tough opponents.

Physical description

Tanis is a young girl with light skin, lilac eyes and black hair tied in a high ponytail. She wears a loose, long sleeved white shirt with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows. Over that she wears a loose black tank top and a sleeveless green hoodie with an opening in the back, allowing her ponytail to go through. She wears short grey shorts and brown boots. On her left wrist is a black wristband and on her right is a silver charm bracelet.


Tanis is very ambitious with a long for adventure. She loves the thrill of netbattling and prefers to meet new people and make new friends by battling them. She has a strong rebellious nature as a result of her parents' trying to control her life. They do not share nor understand her love of netbattling and feel it is a waste of time, always pushing her to do something more productive. Therefore, Tanis often resorts to sneaking out of her house just to netbattle. Tanis is incredibly smart for her age and largely fixates on netbattles as she no longer finds school a challenge.



  • High intelligence: Tanis is incredibly smart for her age and as such, finds little challenge in academics.


  • Netbattling: Tanis is an exceptional netbattler with excellent teamwork with her NetNavi, DragonMan. The two work well together and rarely quarrel. Tanis is easily able to adapt to new strategies and change tactics in the middle of a battle. She is strategic, always planning out her moves, such as whether or not to change DragonMan's element.
  • Skateboarding: Tanis is an excellent skateboarder.
  • Stealth: Tanis possesses some degree of stealth as she is able to sneak in and out of her house without her parents taking notice.


  • PET: Tanis' Personal Terminal is where DragonMan.EXE is primarily stored. It is colored purple like him and bears his emblem.
  • Laptop: Tanis has a portable laptop that she carries around with her.
  • Skateboard: Tanis also has a skateboard that she always keeps with her as her primary form of transportation.


  • Tanis is a Greek name meaning "serpent lady".
  • Tatsukawa is a Japanese surname meaning "dragon creek".
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