Typeicon-GS Typeicon-Wind
Talon swift tempest by zephyros phoenix-d3ejntd
Personal data
Alias Swift Tempest, Origin Spirit of Wind
Gender Male
Emblem Talon emblem
Species Guardian spirit-griffin
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix

Talon, also known as the Origin Spirit of Wind and Swift Tempest, is a guardian spirit and the Origin Spirit of wind. He is one of the first Spirits created by Zenith and is the original source of the element of wind. He takes on the form of a griffin.

Physical description

Talon is a dark brown griffin with lighter brown feathers around his head and neck and on this tail. He has three golden rings on his tail and has a stylized horn sticking out from his head directly down between his eyes. Because he is a griffin, his front legs are eagle talons while his back legs are lion paws.


As the original source of wind, Talon has power over all forms of air and wind. He can manipulate certain gases, such as removing all oxygen to suffocate his opponents, and he is capable of generating powerful gusts of wind. Because of this, he is one of the fastest spirits in the world.

Special ability

  • Feather Slice: Talon’s feathers are as sharp as diamonds.


  • Feather Storm: Flaps his wings ad unleashes a storm of his razor sharp feathers.
  • Grey Hurricane: Talon unleashes a powerful hurricane.
  • Zephyr Blade: Attacks with razor sharp claws.
  • Tail Ring: The rings on Talon’s tail produce a shield around him.


  • Talon's design was influenced by Bakugan fan character, Maelstrom.
  • Talon's crest is based on the Whirlwind brush technique from Okami.
  • Like Kazami, Talon's alias has the word "tempest" in it.
Guardian Spirits

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