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Taika the Tiger
Crest of Arch
Taika the tiger

Taika is a spellcaster of the House of Arch.

Personal data
Nicknames Tai
Age 9
Gender Male
Species Mythsetian tiger
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix
Appearances Whitewash (mentioned)

Taika the Tiger (タイカ・ザ・タイガー Taika za Taigaa), commonly referred to as Tai (タイ Tai), is a 9 year old anthropomorphic male Mythsetian tiger, younger brother to Carey and cousin to Raphaella, Snow and Joan. He is an beginner spell caster of the House of Arch.

Physical description

Taika is a short little tiger with orange and white fur and black stripes. He has unkempt black hair, blue eyes and wears brown gloves and boots and a blue belt.


Taika is a very playful and upbeat child. He's a very curious individual, which often gets him into trouble with Raph. He is rather dependent on those around him and not used to doing things himself.


As a member of the House of Arch, Taika was born with magical abilities manifesting in the form of arcane magic and spell casting.


  • Arcane magic: Taika is gifted in arcane magic and spell casting powers but due to his young age, he is still rather inexperienced and so far has been unable to execute a spell correctly. In most cases, the result of his spells turn out as the exact opposite of what he intends. Taika also has no specialization as of yet.
  • Extended lifespan: Because of the amount of magic that runs through his bloodline, Taika is gifted with an extended lifespan - allowing him to live as long as three hundred years.


  • Underdeveloped powers: Because he is still a child, Taika's powers are underdeveloped and have not been fully trained. In addition, he has a tendency to mess up his spells, ending up with the opposite effect he intended.


  • Staff: Like other members of his family, Taika has a staff as his medium.


  • Taika is a Finnish name for women meaning "magic, spell".
  • Taika is also Tongan for "tiger".

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