Tai Ci
Tai Ci

Tai Ci is the Demon Sorcerer of the Sun

Personal data
Alias The High Sun
The Demon Crow
Gender Male
Species Demon, Sorcerer class
Occupation Demon Sorcerer of the Sun
Morality Evil
Living status Alive
Fate Banished by Shadow Strikers
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix and Dingo-Sniper
Appearances City Shadows

This page is comprised of Tai Ci's relationships with various other characters he interacts with.


Demon Quartet

Tai Ci is one of the Demon Quartet - four demons released by Daolon Wong. Though not an actual "group" since each of the demons act independently rather than a cohesive unit, Tai Ci is considered a member due to the fact they were released together.

Demon Sorcerers

Tai Ci is one of the many fabled Demon Sorcerers of the Demon Netherworld. However, Tai holds great disdain and hatred for most of them due to the amount of teasing and demeaning they subject him to.


Lang Yan

Default Lang Yan

Lang Yan

Tai Ci: "Lang Yan! What are you doing! You showed me that they would defeat me, you helped me, but now you stop me?"
Lang Yan: "I never said I did that to help you, stupid crow!"
Tai Ci: "Traitor to your own kind… just like your filthy half-spawn!"
— Lang Yan "betrays" Tai Ci.

Lang Yan is the Crystal Demon Sorceress and a fellow liberated Demon Sorcerer released by Daolon Wong. It is unclear whether the two had any specific interactions with each other prior to their release, but for the most part, they were aware and had knowledge of each other.

Lang Yan first appeared to Tai Ci and revealed to him through her crystallomancy and crystal ball that the Shadow Strikers would defeat him. Initially insulted by the notion of human children defeating him, Lang Yan convinced him of their power, which prompted him to attack them and ensure his future. However, she later appeared to the Shadow Strikers to help battle Tai Ci, much to the Sun Demon's surprise. Angry at her betrayal, the two fought and Tai called her a "traitor to [her] own kind."

Shadow Strikers

The Shadow Strikers are the enemies of Tai Ci. While he initially paid little attention to them, he was informed of their presence and strength by Lang Yan. Though he brushed them off, she assured him that they would be his downfall. In hopes of preventing them from defeating him, he decided to attack them preemptively. While his surprise attack caught them off guard, they eventually were able to defeat him and banish him back to the Demon Netherworld.

Shadow Strikers

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