The Stormchaser crest

The Stormchasers are a Viking tribe that live on Stormchaser island. The Stormchasers get their name from the mass storms that surround the island and their tendency to fly into these dangerous storms. Because of the abundance of storms, Skrills are the most common dragon found on Stormchaser island. Despite this, they are highly elusive to capture and even more difficult to train.

Notable members




The Stormchasers are a very gender biased society, with men strictly being the warriors and hard laborers and women being the cooks and crafts-makers. Neither gender is allowed to partake in an art that is not associated with their gender. Namely, a male Stormchaser cannot learn to cook nor can a female Stormchaser learn to fight or own a dragon. The Stormchasers have been training dragons for some time, though their methods are a bit harsher than those on Berk. A tradition in Stormchaser society is the Rite of Passage for all young, male Vikings. On their sixteenth birthday, they enter the woods to captured their own dragon which they will train. The Stormchasers are very strict with their traditions and highly resistant to change. Incorporating dragons into their society was tough enough, though their warriors make a point to show they are stronger than dragons when training them.

"Stormchaser" is also a title of high respect within the tribe, given to one who has tamed a Skrill and has both flown into the eye of a storm and ridden a lightning bolt. Vikings bearing this title are strong warriors of immense skill with a powerful dragon that obeys only them and are among the most influential figures in the tribe, second only to the Chief. The only Viking to have possessed this title was Anvindr the Stormchaser, who was also the first to train a dragon in the Stormchasers tribe. His great-great-granddaughter, Sigrid Henderson, would eventually assume the title of "Stormchaser", though the tribe - namely Edgar the Stubborn and Baldr Armstrong - refuses to acknowledge this because of her gender.


  • Anvindr is an Old Norse name meaning "against the wind".
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