Caro ferrum cingitury, flesh bounded by steel.
– Steel legion moto

The Steel Legion is an organization operating under the leadership of the Terran president Halwn Pyry. Since it's establishment in 2177, it has become Terra's dominating military force and has successfully replaced all form of organic authority. It operates with a unique military hierarchy with troops being commanded by either stronger units or a specific general.

List of GeneralsEdit

Steel CouncilEdit

The steel council is a group of representatives that have aligned themselves with Halwn Pyry and the legions motivations. This group oversee's the legions moves and act as a secondary command post for legion forces that are located on Council worlds. The group consists of:

Troop classificationEdit

While the legion functions like a regular military organisation, its lack of organic soldiers and focus on robotics has resulted in the creation of a classification system for its troops.

Ground guardEdit

  • Rangers: The most common and basic ground troop for the legion, Ranger's act from generic foot soldier to a long distance sniper. Ranger's present very little threat on their own but in large groups they are capable of bringing down heavy fire to their targets. They are capable of changing their fire arms from simple assault rifles to more heavier weapons such as grenade launchers or mini-guns.
  • Skitterlings: Small but deadly, Skitterlings act as a sabotaging ground unit for the Legion as well as general interference and disruption. Skitterlings travel in packs and rarely remain on their own. As a result of being nanobots, they are capable of mimicking forms of other individuals but not always successfully.

Air guardEdit

  • Harpies: Harpies are a reletively new unit to the legion, after the siege of Rynchos, Halwn began to experiment on the captives and survivors. The result of this was the creation of the Harpies, which have long metallic wings that they can use to fire off sharp knives that are incredibly sharp and can pierce through anything.
  • KR-K3N: Commonly refereed to as the "Kraken", the KR-K3N is a legion space/air combat hybrid. They are capable of utilising up to eight hard light cannons when in air combat and two plasma cannons in space combat. Due to their large size however, they can wrap around basic air combat ships or fire off EMP blasts at larger ones in attempts to bring them down.

Siege layersEdit

  • Iron hands: Iron hand's are large ogres with fusion cannon's strapped onto their backs. An Iron hand is usually accompanied by a small squadron of skitterlings in order to provide cover and targets.
  • Troublemakers: Unlike standard siege units provided by the legion, Troublemakers are a small group of spherical droids that can combine into one large battering ram. They are equipped with plasma cannons and ion lasers which allow them to cut through almost any surface. When combined into one large troublemaker, they can siege down doors by both ramming it in and firing a large ion burst.

Elite guardEdit

  • Dread wraith: Dread wraith's are Halwn's personal ground escort when out surveying the battlefield or on any form of expedition. The wraith's are well known for their plasma glaves as well as their martial skill and swift reflexes. They are also capable of turning incorporeal for a few seconds, as a result of their powerful skill set, they are commonly avoided due to the threat they create in close combat situations.
  • Banshee: Banshee's are an advanced scouting and assassin unit utilized by Halwn in the early days of the legion and have seen a constant evolution. They are capable of turning invisible and can produce a Sonance barrier around them in order to block out sound. They are more commonly seen in the early days of Legion conflicts and only appear towards the end, making them an invaluable asset to capture.
  • Spectral wraith: Spectral wraith's are advanced scouting units that are commonly deployed for the purpose of assassination, recon and sabotage. Unlike other legion units which are primarily robotic. Spectral wraith's are in fact Terran's who were given the choice of death or eternal servitude to the legion before being converted into organic/machine hybrids. As a result they are incredibly violent when their filter is ripped off and also leak acidic oil where ever they go.


The Steel Legion's technology is heavily derived from laser and plasma based energy weapons and technology. The legion's proficiency has grown over the aeons due to the constant conquest of countless worlds which has seen former organic races being assimilated into the legion through questionable means. They heavily build off already existing strengths and weaknesses of other organic races. An example can be seen with the Corvi when Halwn created legionnaire's specific to Rynchos environment.


In 2177, Halwn Pyry began to use robotic soldiers as the front and back line of defense for Terra. Shortly after his success of conquering the Terran presidency, Halwn established the Legion as Terra's primary military force, imposing a strict military rule on the planet and its neighboring systems. Between 2177 and 2183, the Legion had conquered thousands of worlds in the span of a few aeons, this led to a mass protest against the Legion and Halwn as his conquest had resulted in the deaths of billions and the loss of countless resources towards other races. Halwn officially became the most wanted being in the Forticona galaxy after his invasion of Rynchos which resulted in the mass genocide of the Corvi, the result inflicted a societal scar across the galaxy with countless politicians and high ranking officials calling for the legion to be destroyed. Despite the threats, the legion proved its self almost invincible due to its ability to replace lost units within mere seconds. During the conflict known as The battle for the sacred star in 2191 on the Ursuar colony of Krysalix, the legion was held back for several months and eventually pushed out of the Numbril system completely.

In 2193, the legion recieved reports of an uprising on several legion controlled worlds, this led to the discovery of the resistance on countless worlds, the group was discovered to be led by Raida Akiko, who was of great interest to Halwn and the Legions goals for unknown reasons. In 2194, the legion's activites dimmed with very little military effort being placed into worlds that they were aiming to control, this has led to the discussion that there is something wrong with the legion and Halwn has had to scale back its activities.

In 2195, a small group of legion Shadows led by Halwn Pyry visited Imhotep and shortly returned after retrieving a book. It was later discovered that the Legion had murdered Julia Ozias.

In 2196, the Legion has become highly active again and once again earned the attention of everyone in the galaxy. Their motives at this time however, are still unclear.


  • The steel legion is heavily influenced by Ultron's Iron Legion in the marvel comic series.
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