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Staff of Arch

The Staff of Arch

The Staff of Arch is a sacred item to the House of Arch. It is a powerful magical staff originally wielded by Arch and eventually passed down to each subsequent family head. The current wielder is Raphaella the Ocelot.



The Staff of Arch originally belonged to the spellcaster, Arch, one of the founders of the Mythsetia Veil and the ancestor and founder to the House of Arch. It's construction is relatively unknown, but it is one of the few relics from the Veil to survive following the Great Purge. However, due to the loss of records, the full extent of it's abilities remains unknown.

It was passed down from each head of the Arch family before eventually settling in the hands of Raphaella, the current Arch family head. Like with her predecessors, Raph uses the staff to channel her spellcaster abilities. However, she is determined to unlock the staff's full powers and learn all it's capabilities.

Mythsetian Relics

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