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Sora Minamoto

Sora is the best friend of Ayden Grit and girlfriend of Ren Krawler.

Personal data
Age 16 (Spread Your Wings)
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation Battle Brawlers member
Neathian Castle Knight
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix
Appearances Second Chances
Spread Your Wings
Affections Touching Across Dimensions
I thought that everything you said to me was a lie, so you could get close to Dan and the others. I thought that what we had didn’t matter to you.
Sora Minamoto

This page is comprised of Sora Minamoto's relationships with characters she has interacted with.


Battle Brawlers

Sora is a member of the Battle Brawlers.

Neathian Castle Knights

Sora is a member of the Neathian Castle Knights.


Soren Krawler

In Affections Touching Across Dimensions, Sora is very loving, kind and nurturing to her son Soren. Despite this, she is strongly resistant to talking about Soren's father, Ren, with him as Ren broke Sora's heart before Soren was born and she wanted to protect her son from suffering the same thing. However, Soren seemed determined to learn about him and Sora relented. When she found out Soren ran off to Gundalia to find him, though she was furious and extremely worried about him, she eventually agreed to let him stay.

Love interest

Ren Krawler

Sora formed a strong bond with Ren when he first arrived on Earth and they began dating. However with his betrayal, Sora was heartbroken, but buried those feelings deep down to deal with the pain. She is strongly conflicted about her feelings for Ren especially after encountering him on the battlefields of Neathia. Sora was barely able to push herself through the interaction by reminding herself that Ren was now the enemy. However, this failed to do the trick for her when Ren expressed interest in betraying Gundalia to rejoin the Brawlers. During his battle with Fabia, Sora found herself both wanting Ren to win and lose, unable to settle on whether she wanted to forgive him or never see him again.


Ayden Grit


Ayden Grit.

Ayden is Sora's best friend and the first person she met after moving into Dan's old house. The two developed a strong friendship and Ayden's status as an alien is little discomfort to Sora. During the course of Spread Your Wings, Sora begins feeling conflicted about her feelings for Ren - realizing that she is still in love with him but being unable to move past his betrayal and lies - Ayden provides Sora with advice and tries to help her friend as much as she can.

Bakugan Characters

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