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Sora Minamoto

Sora is the best friend of Ayden Grit and girlfriend of Ren Krawler.

Personal data
Age 16 (Spread Your Wings)
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation Battle Brawlers member
Neathian Castle Knight
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix
Appearances Second Chances
Spread Your Wings
Affections Touching Across Dimensions
I thought that everything you said to me was a lie, so you could get close to Dan and the others. I thought that what we had didn’t matter to you.
Sora Minamoto


Prior to Spread Your Wings

Prior to moving into Dan's old house, Sora lived in another city where she attented high school. The most popular boy showed a sudden interest in her and charmed her into dating him and later sleeping with him. She discovered a text on his phone from his friend talking about a bet and realized he only asked her out because of a bet. She felt so ashamed and couldn't bare to face everyone at school and begged her parents to move. They moved to Dan's old house where Sora quickly buried her mistake.

Meeting Ren

Love blossomed quickly between Sora and Ren when she met the lost boy in the mall after he got separated from Marucho. They bonded in a short time in which Sora told Ren to look her up in Bakugan Interspace. After this, they began spending much more time together and began a relationship.

However, Sora overheard Shun, Ayden and Fabia's exposure of Ren's true identity and couldn't bare to believe it. She confronted him about this herself and challenged him to a battle, which she won. She sadly broke up with Ren and ran off in tears.


Sora was later tricked by Sid into heading to Gundalia with him where she was made a hypnotized soldier used by the Gundalians. Ren found out about this and went to rescue her, but made Lex and Nessie promise not to tell her, as he knew it would only cause her more trouble, something he didn't want.

Joining Neathia

After learning she was kidnapped by the Gundalians, Sora joins the Brawlers to Neathia and becomes a Castle Knight. After encountering Jesse and Ren with Jake, Sora finally sees Ren in his true form and begins feeling conflicted. Though she hates Ren for his lies and betrayal, she still loves him. However, she can't bring herself to forgive him for what he's done.

When Marucho states that he believes Ren will return to them, Sora mocks Marucho for being so gullible and states that Ren has made his choice and must live with the consequences.

Affections Touching Across Dimensions

In this spin-off fanfiction, Sora never went with the Brawlers to Neathia and therefore never made up with Ren. In addition, al the characters are adults during the events of Gundalian Invaders. After Ren was revealed to be a traitor, Sora found out that she was pregnant, but never told Ren.

She raised Soren as a single mother in their apartment over her music store/cafe. For years, Soren has questioned her about his father, but Sora was far too pained by the memories to even talk about Ren. She finally gave in, realizing that Soren had a right to know.

Bakugan Characters

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