Champions of GUN

The Sonic Age series was originally inspired by this image of Shadow as Fenris and Azure as a mage Hawke for Halloween of 2012.

Sonic Age: Champions of Mobius is a crossover of the Dragon Age series and Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a retelling of the events of Dragon Age 2 with characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog series taking on roles of characters in Dragon Age 2.


Sonic, Sally and Knuckles - three best friends from the small town of Knothole in Northamer - flee their home when the Blight is unleashed and seek refuge in Albion, a city filled with templars and tyranny. Along the way, they meet new allies Bunnie, a fierce soldier; Umber, a dextrous rogue determined to protect his apostate sister, Azure, from templars; Rotor, a suave businessman and avid biographer; Amy, a blood mage who is considered a pariah among her clan; Shadow, an ex-slave with a hatred for mages; Rouge, a beautiful and dazzling ex-pirate with a knack for thievery; Rob, an archer of royalty and a Chantry brother; and Silver, a former Grey Warden and apostate, bonded with a spirit of the Fade. While Sonic tries to make a name for himself, he finds himself in the middle of conflicts between Viscount Bee and Mammoth Mogul and Knight-Commander Lien-Da and First Enchanter Geoffrey.


Main Characters

Supporting Characters

Minor Characters


  • Character relations are primarily based on the Dragon Age characters portrayed. Blood relations will not exist between characters unless stated as such.
    • For example, while Sonic, Sally and Knuckles portray the Hawke siblings, they are not related. Another example would be Lien-Da and Julie-Su. Despite being half-sisters, the characters they play are not related.
  • Various locations and names have been changed to names all found in the Sonic comics:
    • Kirkwall - Albion
    • The Maker - Solaris
    • Andraste - Elise
    • Sundermount - Gigan Mountains
    • Ferelden - Northamer
    • Lothering - Knothole
    • Denerim - New Mobotropolis
    • Ostagar - Old Mobotropolis
    • Gwaren - Soleanna
    • The Free Marches - Eurish
    • Starkhaven - Mercia
    • Tevinter Imperium - Yurashia
    • Minrathous - Dragon Kingdom
    • Waking Sea - Emerald Sea
    • Qunari - Ixian
    • The Anderfels - The Silverfels
    • Par Vollen - Devil's Gulag
    • Orlais - Overland
    • Antiva - Soumerca
    • Rivain - Efrika
    • Seheron - Cocoa Island
    • Thedas - Mobius
    • Red Iron - Echidna Reds
  • This series is based on Halloween picture depicting Shadow as Fenris and Azure the Dragon as a mage Hawke above.
  • The darkspawn are renamed the eggspawn and styled after Eggman's robots and Eggman himself.
  • Tails takes on both Bodahn Feddic and Sandal's role as merchant and enchanter.
  • Amy was originally intended to be Bethany with Cream as Merrill.
    • Had Cream remained chosen as Merrill, Vanilla would have been chosen for Keeper Marethari.
  • Alternate roles for Blaze include Aveline and a genderbent Sebastian.
  • Sonic, Azure and Umber each embody a version of Hawke both in class and personality.
  • Dragon Age character Leandra Amell is not featured and therefore quests related to her (Birthright and All That Remains) are excluded.

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