Sir gareth

Espio as Sir Gareth

Sir Gareth (ガリス Garisu) is the Arthurian Times version of canon character, Espio the Chameleon. He is one of the Knights of the Round Table of Camelot in service to King Arthur.


Sir Gareth of the Knights of the Round Table is quiet, serious, calm and very disciplined. But he is not without flaws: he can be rather opinionated, arrogant and sometimes a showoff.

His closest friends are Sir Gawain, Gaheris and Agravain.


As a chameleon, he is able to render his skin to match his environment, making him nearly invisible, though he can still be seen as a blur or shimmer and something as simple as a sneeze can give him away. His armor is coated in a special material that allows it to change along with his skin. He is swift and agile, capable of running at high speeds and easily scaling and climbing up high buildings and is an expert marksmen. He is rather claustrophobic. He enjoys apples, quiet and peaceful places and can play the lute.


Gareth's background is relatively unknown, even to his closest friends. He journeyed from a faraway land to Camelot and eventually earned a place in King Arthur's court, becoming one of the Knights of the Round Table. He is known to have helped Galahad in sparring sessions to help him control his psychic abilities.

Gareth appears in Tales of Knighthood.


  • Gareth's helmet is designed to look like a shuriken star, referencing Espio's ninja abilities.
  • The crest on his helmet is the same symbol of the Shinobi Clan, the ninja clan that Espio belongs to in the comics.
  • Gareth is named after the Knight of the Round Table of the same name, who was brother to Gawain, Gaheris and Agravain, nephew to Arthur and half-brother to Mordred.

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