Sir antor

Antoine as Sir Antor

Sir Antor (アントル Antoru) is the Arthurian Times version of comics canon character, Antoine D'Coolette. He is a knight of the Kingdom of Acorn and the husband of Salima's bodyguard, Bronwen.


At first, Antor was rather cowardly and would flee at the first sign of danger. However, over the years, he eventually regained his condifence and became a braver individual. Now rather than running away from a fight, he charges into battle to bravely defend the kingdom and it's people.


At a young age, Antor was trained in swordsmanship by his father and is a skilled army commander. His sword skills are unmatched by any other knight in the Kingdom of Acorn and his loyalty to the throne of Acorn and royal family is unwavering.


Sir Antor is the son of a famous army commander and followed in his father's footsteps, becoming a knight of the Kingdom of Acorn. Though in his early years, he showed a tendency for cowardice, he eventually became more brave and skilled in his swordsmanship. He even found love with fellow warrior, Bronwen and married her. His loyalty to the Kingdom of Acorn knows no bounds and he will easily fight for his kingdom and it's people.


  • Unlike Gareth, Gaheris and Agravain, Antor was not named after one of the Knights of the Round Table because he is not a Knight of the Round Table, but rather a Knight of the Kingdom of Acorn.

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