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Shroud of Mestaclocan

The Shroud of Mestaclocan

The Shroud of Mestaclocan is a sacred item to the House of Mestaclocan. It is a mystical cloak originally worn by Mestaclocan and eventually passed down to each subsequent family head. The current holder is Caudata the Salamander.



How the Shroud came into existence is unclear, but it originally belonged to Mestaclocan and was eventually passed down to his successors. It now rests with Caudata, who wears the Shroud as a cloak. The Shroud is indestructable and is capable of protecting its wearer from any harm as well as being able to change shape and form along with the wearer.


  • The term "shroud" is often used to refer to an item, usually a piece of cloth, that protects another object.

Mythsetian Relics

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