Shimmer 2

Shimmer is Velius Flynn's dragon companion.

Personal data
Gender Female
Species Changewing
Classification Mystery
Morality Good
Living status Deceased
Fate Killed by Baldr Armstrong
Production notes
Created by Dingo-Sniper
Appearances Night Riders


Early lifeEdit

Shimmer lived on the small collection of islands called the Haven, which was also the home of the Tinkerers tribe. One day, she came across a young boy, Velius Flynn alone in the woods. Out of curiosity, she approached the boy and befriended him. Fearing that his people weren't ready to accept dragons just yet, Flynn left the Haven in search of ways he could help his tribe regrow.

Night RidersEdit

While Flynn was out collecting flowers for her to eat, he was ambushed by a Stormchaser girl, Sigrid Henderson. Shimmer came to Flynn's aid by grabbing Sigrid with one of her tendrils, prompting Sigrid's dragon Stormfront to come to her aid. Eventually, Sigrid realized Flynn was not an ally of Baldr Armstrong and ended up befriending him as both groups decided to travel together.

At some point in their travels, they stopped at Berk in order to restock their supplies. However, believing that Berk still killed dragons, Sigrid chose to sneak into the village on her own - though an invisible Shimmer accompanied her to watch her back. When Sigrid was discovered, Shimmer flew back to warn Stormfront, who rushed to his riders aid. After the confrontation, both parties realized neither was an enemy and they were welcomed to Berk. However, their stay in Berk would be short when the Berserkers and Baldr attacked, forcing the group to flee.

Despite this, Sigrid and Stormfront were later captured, prompting Flynn and the rest of the dragons to rescue them. Shimmer and Milo, Flynn's Speed Stinger, went to rescue Sigrid. When Flynn was being attacked by Baldr, Shimmer put herself between the two and ended up taking a blow meant for Flynn. Though gravely injured, they managed to escape the island. However, Shimmer succumbed to her wounds and died.

Taking her body back to the Haven, Flynn chose to bury her where they met rather than give her a Viking funeral, arguing that Vikings take ships to Valhalla and Shimmer can just fly there. After digging the grave on his own, Flynn tearfully said goodbye to his dragon. Shimmer's death had a devastating effect on Flynn, who became closed-off and depressed in the weeks that followed. However, unbeknownst to him, Shimmer had laid an egg and hidden it in his satchel. Weeks later, the egg hatched and Flynn discovered the young Changeling hatchling. In tears of joy, Flynn named her Fortuna.

Night Riders