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Shew Stone of Divinus

The Shew Stone of Divinus

The Shew Stone of Divinus is a sacred item to the House of Divinus. It is an egg shaped light blue-pink stone sitting within a large branch-like staff originally belonging to Divinus and eventually passed down to each subsequent family head. The current holder is Esmeralda the Fox, who uses the stone to amplify her clairvoyancy and see into the future.



The Shew Stone originally belonged to Divinus, one of the founders of the Mythsetia Veil and ancestor to the House of Divinus. It was eventually passed down to her descendants and currently rests in the hands of Esmeralda the Fox, the current head of the Divinus family. The Shew Stone functions to amplify one's prophetic abilities and allows them to see future events much easier and more clearly.


  • Shew stone is another name for a crystal ball.
  • The Shew Stone was situated inside a staff to avoid confusion with the Orb of Mythos.

Mythsetian Relics

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