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Shamrock the Tree Nymph
Crest of Mythos
Shamrock the Tree Nymph 2

Shamrock is Azure's second eldest sister and fourth youngest of the House of Mythos.

Personal data
Nicknames Sham
Alias Evergreen Nymph
Titan of Nature
Age 20
Gender Female
Species Mythsetian tree nymph
Occupation Power member of Team Scales
G.U.N. agent (formerly)
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix
Appearances Hostile Encounters
Rise of the Titans
Sonic Lanterns: Shamrock the Tree Nymph
Hang on, I've got this.
Shamrock the Tree Nymph


Shamrock is the fourth youngest of her siblings and a member of the Mythos family. When Sapphire had expressed her desire to leave, Garnett set Shamrock on fire and used her as an example of what would happen should someone attempt to betray him. Shamrock survived the immolation and reverted to her core seed form. Sapphire, feeling she had caused the immolation, took the seed and nurtured it until Shamrock was regernated. However, the immolation left Shamrock severely scarred and psychologically traumatized, leaving her emotionally distant. In addition, she developed a fear of fire and Garnett. Sapphire attempts to help Shamrock recover and she stays because she is unable to do anything in her trauma while Sapphire stays to keep Shamrock safe.

Hostile Encounters

Shamrock appeared alongside her siblings during Garnett's prophecy at Occulus. When Garnett's fires threatened to burn down the island, Shamrock reacted very traumatically to the flames before they were doused by Sapphire, who proceeded to provide her comfort.

On Sapphire's request, Shamrock was brought to G.U.N. after the former officially joined on as an agent in exchange for psychiatric treatment for Shamrock. 

Rise of the Titans

Shamrock will appear in Rise of the Titans as a member of Team Scales.

Alternate future

A future version of Shamrock is mentioned by Z as having been forced to flee the continent along with Sapphire after Iblis' flames engulfed the land, making it hard for them to live in the environment.


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