Shades of Gray (also called Shades of Grey) is a Loonatics Unleashed fanfiction based on the first season. It is an insertion fanfic which pairs fan character, Skye Wolfe with Tech E. Coyote as she joins the team. In addition, it pairs Ace and Lexi together as a minor pairing. It follows several of the official episodes plus some original content, but not every episode will be featured. It is not asscoiated with the official Loonatics Unleashed series.


Skye Wolfe's father disappears without a trace and despite her best efforts to locate him, she has gotten nowhere in years. After her father's friend, Zadavia, recruits her onto the Loonatics, Skye begins developing a romantic relationship with Tech. Tech, in turn, seeks romantic advice from Ace, who must come to terms with his own feelings for Lexi.



A sequel titled Things Change has been planned. It is set two years following the conclusion of Shades of Gray and follows the main events of season 2, as well as focusing on Skye's return to the team after a two year leave.

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