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Sere is a Tal-Vashoth warrior and a member of the Wolfe Pack.

Personal data
Alias Sere, Arigena
Gender Female
Species Kossith
Classification Warrior
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix


Sere was born in Par Vollen into the Qun and eventually became the Arigena, the female leader of the Qunari's craftsmen. However, she became disheartened with her role in the Qunari society and wanted to live her life on her own accord rather than the accord of the Qun. As a result, she was branded Tal-Vashoth and hunted by the Qun.

While leaving Par Vollen, she was confronted by her son, an arvaarad. She tried to reason with her son and show him that the Qun was not the only way of life. However, he would not see her reasoning and attacked, forcing Sere to kill her own son. As she traveled across Ferelden, she met a young apostate mage named Ari Wolfe and the two bonded and became friends.

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