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Sere is a Tal-Vashoth warrior and a member of the Wolfe Pack.

Personal data
Alias Sere, Arigena
Gender Female
Species Kossith
Classification Warrior
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix

Sere is a member of the Wolfe Pack and a female kossith and warrior. Once the Arigena of the Qunari, Sere led the craftsmen of the Qunari, but eventually left the Qun and became a Tal-Vashoth when she became bored with her life and wanted to live on her own accord. She eventually met Ari Wolfe and the two became traveling companions, while also becoming a mother figure to Ari.

Physical description

Sere is a tall kossith with dark and pale skin, dark, curved horns and long light grey hair tied in a pony tail. She wears a red top, black and red pants, a black glove on her right hand, black boots and a red cloth around her waist. He equipment includes two black belts, black armor on her chest and left shoulder, and armor on her boots and left wrist. She wears golden necklaces around her neck and wields a Bassrath-Kata greatsword in battle.


Sere is a strong willed and determined woman set on living her life to the fullest as she sees fit. She dislikes being ordered around and despises any form of oppression. Because of this, she would easily fight against any form of oppression to free those being oppressed. She also has a fine appreciation for arts and crafts.


Sere is a large and well built kossith with incredible strength and sword skills, specializing in two handed blades.


  • Warmonger: Sere is excellent at maintaining crowd control and drawing opponents on her and away from ranged allies.
  • Battlemaster: Sere is an efficient fighter, capable of rallying allies around her to battle.
  • Enhanced strength, dexterity, durability and endurance


  • Two-handed sword master: Sere is a master at two-handed swords and wields them with excellent skill and dexterity.
  • Leadership skills: Sere possesses a great leadership quality in decision making and prioritizing.
  • Artisan skills: As the former Arigena of the Qunari, she is an expert craftsmen.
  • Extensive knowledge on the Qunari: She is very knowledgeable about the Qun and Qunari society.


  • Bassrath-Kata: Sere's greatsword and main weapon of choice.


  • "Sere" is a synonym for "grey" which is the meaning of "Vashoth".
  • Sere is not her real name, but a name she chose for herself after leaving the Qun.
Wolfe Pack

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