Second Chances is a Bakugan Battle Brawlers fanfiction set after it's third season: Gundalian Invaders. It is not associated with the official series. It is a oneshot detailing Ren's return to Earth after winning the war and reunion with Sora Minamoto, a girl who's heart he broke. It was published on on January 31st, 2011.



Sora Minamoto eargerly awaits the return of her friends, the Brawlers, from Neathian. She hears Marucho's ship overhead and rushed over to his home and greets her best friend, Ayden. Unfortunately, she discovers Ren and kicks him in the shin and storms off, followed by Ayden. Ren sadly admits that he didn't expect her to forgive his betrayal. Ayden consoles Sora, while she recounts how she met Ren in the first place, and devises a plan to get them back together.

Marucho invites Sora to a party at his home where she and Ren get locked in a room together and won't be let out until they make up. Ren apologizes over and over again and asks why Sora won't forgive him when he's always loved her. Sora angrily admits that she doesn't want to get hurt again and proceeds to tell the reason why she moved to Wardington: she was seduced by a boy at school and eventually slept with him, believing that he truly loved her, but later learned it was all just a bet. Embarassed and humiliated, she begged her parents to move and left the mistakes of her past behind. She admits that she tried to stay away from relationships, but thought Ren was different. Ren assures that he is and that he still loves her. Sora agrees to forgive him but on one condition: Ren reveal his true form to her. Ren is shocked at first, but agrees. Sora leaps forward and kisses Ren, finally forgiving him.


Though this was originally intended to be a oneshot, the pairing of RenxSora was later adapted into the Gundalian Invaders sequel to Long Distance, Spread Your Wings.


  • This oneshot is the debut of Sora, Lex and Nessie.

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