Typeicon-GS Typeicon-Scorpions
Scorpion Triplets
Scorpion Triplets emblem

The emblem of the Scorpion Triplets.

Basic Information
Group Type Elite guard
Founder Asterion
Leader Asterion
Status Active

The Scorpion Triplets refer to a group of three guardian spirits that reside in the Cretan Labyrinth.



The triplets are three scorpion guardian spirits residing in the Cretan Labyrinth. They were each created by Asterion to help protect the secrets of the Labyrinth. With great speed and skill, they can swiftly maneuver through the Labyrinth walls, doing away with unwanted trespassers and those deemed unworthy by Asterion who refuse to leave.


  • The triplets are named after the three Greek Gods of the same name.
  • Each of the triplets' emblems are identical, tri-bladed purple wheels with their corresponding element.

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