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The Scepter of Khemeia is a sacred item to the House of Khemeia. It is a powerful magical scepter originally wielded by Khemeia and eventually passed down to each subsequent family head. The current wielder is Seren the Antelope.



The Scepter of Khemeia originally belonged to Khemeia, the founder of the House of Khemeia from the Mythsetia Veil. It was eventually passed down to her descendants and currently rests in the hands of Seren the Antelope, the only living descendant of Khemeia.

The Scepter is capable of allowing it's Khemeia-descended wielder to utilize their transmutation magic on living and sentient things, something that Khemeia-descended are not normally capable of. The Scepter will allow them to transform or alter living things into something else, such as objects or another form.

Mythsetian Relics

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