Personal data
Nicknames Bubbly (by Duran)
Age 15
Gender Female
Species Human
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix
Appearances Unbroken

Sati (सती Sati, literally: "truthful") is a 15 year old airbender and traveling companion of Rai. A naive but kindhearted young girl, Sati joins Rai's group after discovering she is the Avatar. Trained in the ways of the Air Nomads since she was little, Sati is highly knowledgeable regarding their culture and practices and is on her way to receive her tattoos. Because of the new Air Nomads' role in assisting the Avatar's cause, Sati is devoted to Rai and constantly urges Rai to come forward and accept her destiny. She has a flying bison named Daisy.

Physical description

Sati is a slim young girl with brown skin, short brown hair and blue eyes. She wears the standard wingsuit worn by her fellow Air Nomads. She also wears a yellow headband in her hair.


Sati is bubbly, fun, kindhearted and extremely positive, to the point where some, like Rai, consider it not only annoying but naive. While she can be too trusting to strangers for her own good, Sati always helps those in need, as she was taught to by the Air Nomads. She idolizes Rai and eagerly joins her group in order to assist her. Because of her beliefs, Sati feels that Rai should come forward as the Avatar and often encourages her to not only reveal herself to the world, but also help those in need.



  • Airbending: Sati is a highly skilled airbending, having been trained since she was a child, and is well on her way to receive her airbending tattoos. She is skilled enough to utilize airbending in tandem with melee combat and can generate powerful blasts of wind.


  • Gliding: She is also capable of using her airbending skills with her wingsuit to glide through the air at great speeds.


  • Physique: Despite her airbending skill, Sati is small and physically weak compared to most fighters, making it easy for a stronger opponent to overpower her.
  • Naivety: Many often cite Sati's naive and overly trusting nature as a potential flaw, since individuals could easily take advantage of her kind nature or trick her.


  • Wingsuit: Sati wears the standard wingsuit worn by all Air Nomads, allowing her to glide without the use of an airbending glider.


  • Sati is an Indian name meaning "good" and "faithful". In Sanskrit, it means "truthful".
  • If Sati were to have a Pokemon team, they would consist of:
    • Bouffalant, to represent Daisy.
    • Emolga, to represent her use of a wingsuit.
    • Sylveon, to represent her kind and helpful nature in helping others in need.
    • Ludicolo, to represent her energetic and lively attitude.
    • Luvdisc,
    • Latias, to represent her airbending and gliding as well as her curious nature.
Team Avatar

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