Princess salima acorn

Sally as Salima in her royal attire (left) and peasant diguise (right)

Princess Salima Acorn (サリマ・エイコーン姫 Sarima Eikoon-hime) is the Arthurian Times version of canon comics character, Sally Acorn. She is a crowned princess of the Kingdom of Acorn and the love interest of Sonic.


Salima does not mind the life of royalty and takes her responsibilities seriously, but enjoys letting loose and having fun once in a while. She is a great leader, but wishes that people would treat her more like a regular person.


As a member of the royal family, Salima was raised in a life of nobility and has knowledge of all forms of etiquette, politics and ruling a kingdom. She is a skilled tactical and natural leader.


She is the crowned princess of the Acorn Kingdom and goes to Camelot in her ill father's place to discuss the terms of a peace treaty between the two kingdoms. Accompanying her are her handmaiden, Nineve and bodyguard Bronwen. She takes advantage of the new land and disguises herself as a commoner so that she can be treated as a normal person. During this time, she meets Sonic, who had just arrived in Camelot seeking a blacksmith, and their first meeting sets of quite a spark.

She appears in Tales of Knighthood.


  • Her royal attire is based on the dress that the MxYL version of Sally wore.

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