Personal data
Age 15
Gender Male
Species Human
Occupation Slave (formerly)
Morality Evil
Living status Deceased
Fate Jumped off Gallery Tower in an unintended suicide
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix
Appearances Unbroken

This page is comprised of Ryota's relationships with various other characters he interacts with.


Slave Trade

Ryota is well-known within the slave trade as one of the best trackers and slavers in the world.


  • Unnamed parents (deceased)
  • Rai (older sister)


Avatar Rai is Ryota's older sister. Since they were children, Ryota harbored intense hatred towards his sister for many reasons. She often teased him over his small size and lack of bending, which other children also bullied him for. When this happened, Rai would step in to defend him. Ryota always resented her for this, seeing it as her not letting him take care of things himself and making him appear helpless.

He never made these feelings known to anyone and they only continued to grow into young adulthood. When he was separated from her after being enslaved, Ryota was finally able to let his darker, more sinister personality loose and he grew into an abrasive and cruel young man.

When they reunited many years later, Ryota wasted no time in shooting her twice in the chest and kicking her over a cliff. To his shock, she survived the encounter and tried to reason with him. He spat in her face at the offer, insisting that there was nothing to save him from and affirming who he was before escaping.

Despite his hatred towards his sister, Ryota could not help a deep-seated jealousy towards Takumi, whom he viewed as Rai's attempt to replace him. While he undoubtedly hated her, he could not stand the idea of his position as her brother being filled by another, perhaps in some unconscious desire to be loved by her. This ultimately drew him to kidnap Takumi in an effort to force Rai to choose between them. Ryota however, underestimated Rai's love for Takumi and remained unaware that she had put the past with her brother behind her. Despite her efforts to save him as well, Ryota fell to his death.



Ryota harbors a personal grudge against Hiro, whom he knows better as the Blue Spirit, the vigilante known for disrupting many of his slaver cells. Upon discovering his identity, Ryota chose to monetize on this, offering his buyers the chance to get even with the Blue Spirit and beat him up as a form of entertainment.


While Ryota harbored much hatred towards his sister, he could not stand the idea that his position as her little brother was effectively taken by Takumi. This caused him to develop a seething hatred and jealousy towards Takumi as well. He believed that Rai only took Takumi in in an attempt to fill the hole in her heart left by his absence and kidnapped him to prove that Rai would always choose him over Takumi.

Unfortunately, Ryota was overconfident and underestimated just how much Rai cared for Takumi, ultimately resulting in his own death in an unintended suicide.

Team Avatar

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