If you were to tell me the day we met what I was getting myself into, I wouldn't have believed what I was getting myself into! Do I regret it? Not one bit!
Ryan Murphy
Ryan Murphy
Personal data
Age 19
Gender Male
Species Human
Occupation Photographer
Morality Good
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix

Ryan Murphy is 19 year old traveling photographer, the male protagonist of the Aileron series and a love interest of Shizuka Hattori. A natural free spirit with an artistic mind, Ryan travels the world to work on his photography and hopes to one day become a famous photographer. After following Shizuka while she was on a mission, he accidentally becomes involved in her family's business and is taken into protective custody by her.

Physical description

Ryan is a handsome young man with short, spiky and unkempt dark brown hair. He has light blue eyes and often wears glasses, but wears contacts on occasion. He is always carrying his camera equipment and wears a white blouse and sweater underneath a jacket, blue jeans and sneakers.


Ryan is a very kind, outgoing individual and quite headstrong, thinking he can take anything that is thrown his way. He has a strong sense of self worth and righteousness and believes that a person can change the world. He has an idealistic view of the world, for which he is often berated by Shizuka, who sees the world as it is rather than what it could or should be.


Ryan is a skilled photographer and can easily manipulate photos and light to capture excellent pictures. He's quite athletic, even being able to keep up with Shizuka, but only for a short time.


Ever since he was young, Ryan loved taking pictures and dreamed of becoming a photographer. While his father wanted him to do something more productive and only considered Ryan's fascination with photography to be a short-lived hobby, his mother encouraged him to follow his dreams. Once he finished school, he chose to travel the world to work on his photography and broaden his horizons instead of going to college.

At some point in his trip, he crossed paths with Shizuka Hattori on several occasions. He developed an interest in her and against her words, continued to interfere in her business. As a result, several enemies of the Hattori Clan spotted them together and believed him to be affiliated with them. Although reluctant at the idea, Shizuka was forced to take Ryan into protective custody for his own safety, which he didn't seem to mind at all. He was taken to Ueno Castle where he began to learn more about Shizuka and guardian spirits.

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