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Rooks are one of the level 2 members of the Chess Demons.

Personal data
Gender Genderless
Species Demon
Occupation Members of the Chess Demons
Summons of Pan the Goat
Morality Evil
Living status Active
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix

Rooks, originally known as Black Rooks, are demons from Oblivion belonging to the Chess Demons in service to the King and Queen and make up the brute strength of their forces. They are one of the level 2 creatures and physically the strongest and most durable.

Physical description

The rooks are giant golems standing several feet tall made of rock and metal. They are a dark color made of solid dark energy and drip black sludge when materializing much like the other Chess Demons. Because of their large size, they are rather sluggish, but have immense physical strength. They are tall and hunched, mostly covered in dark stone. Their right hand is a spiked club primarily used as a melee weapon while their left remains a normal hand.


Rooks are one of the three level 2 creatures of the Chess Demons. They are physically the strongest Chess Demons. Only two of each can be summoned at a time.


  • Natural weaponry: The rooks possess a spiky, clubbed right arm, which they can use as a melee weapon to crush objects and enemies. They bodies are also heavily armored and can act as natural shields against attacks.
  • Reconstruction: Should a rook be defeated, it simply crumbles into pieces before reconstructing and reforming itself, rendering them virtually unstoppable. On the mortal realm however, they cannot reassemble if they run out of energy to sustain themselves in the summoning. Striking the weak point in their chest will instantly defeat a rook while also rendering them unable to reconstruct.
  • Juggernaut momentum: Despite their relatively slow and sluggish movement speed, when rooks begin to build up speed and momentum in a charge, they become a near unstoppable force and crush anything in their path.
  • Limited intelligence: Rooks are slightly smarter than the pawns, but not by much. They still lack the intelligence to coordinate forces like the knights and bishops and therefore remain as simple soldiers.
  • Enhanced strength: The rooks are physically the strongest of the level 2 Chess Demons. While they are sluggish and slow, they have incredibly strength, capable of breaking down structures and crushing objects in a single blow.
  • Enhanced durability: The rooks are highly durable opponents, capable of withstanding several powerful attacks that would otherwise cripple their lower leveled comrades.


The rooks are one of the many forces under service to the King and Queen, leaders of the Chess Demons. Due to a pact with a family bloodline on Earth, the rooks are capable of being summoned to the physical plain. However, only two can be summoned at one time and creatures that are not level 2 cannot be summoned either.


  • Rooks are based on the chess pieces of the same name.

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