Squire rivalen

Ray as Rivalen

Rivalen (リヴァレン Rivaren) is the Arthurian Times version of canon character, Ray the Flying Squirrel. He is the squire to Sir Gaheris of the Knights of the Round Table.


He is extremely loyal, friendly and polite. Though he is not the bravest, he won't let his fears stop him from doing what is right. He has a very strong brotherly bond with Gaheris.


As a squire, Rivalen is a knight in training. He is an amatuer sword fighter and is often helps the other knights with their training by supplying their armor and setting up training exercises.


When Gaheris first met Rivalen, he saw something in the young boy that reminded him of himself and took Rivalen on as his squire. Over time, Gaheris has become very protective of Rivalen, developing a brotherly love relationship. Rivalen becomes slightly uncomfortable with Gaheris is not around and often worries too much when Gaheris is gone far too long than normal. When King Arthur becomes corrupted, Rivalen is one of the few to voice his concerns about the King's change. Gaheris assures him that everything will be fine and that he need not worry.

He appears in Tales of Knighthood.


  • Rivalen's relationship with Gaheris mirrors that of their original counterparts' friendship.

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