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The Ring of Nullus is a sacred item to the House of Nullus. It is a powerful magical ring originally wielded by Nullus and eventually passed down to each subsequent family head. The current bearer is Cipher the Lizard.



The Ring of Nullus originally belonged to Nullus, the founder of the House of Nullus from the Mythsetia Veil. It was eventually passed down to his descendants and currently rests in the hands of Cipher the Lizard, the only living descendant of Nullus.

The Ring is capable of temporarily mimicing the abilities and supernatural powers of an individual and letting its wearer utilize these powers. The Ring can only mimic one individual's powers at a time until either the wearer no longer wants to mimic those powers or the individual who's powers are being mimic has exceeded the Ring's range. When the Ring selects a new target whose powers to mimic, any powers that are currently being mimiced will be overwritten.

Mythsetian Relics

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