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Chain of Nekros

The Chain of Nekros, where Ravenna's soul now resides.

Ravenna the Crow was an anthropomorphic female Mythsetian-Mobian crow and descendant of Nekros, a member of the House of Nekros and the mother of Corvus the Crow. Her ancestors were able to escape the Great Purge and lived among the Mobians in secret for thousands of years. She lived in a large mansion with her son, but she was killed by the locals when they witnessed her reanimating corpses, believing her to be a witch. Corvus escaped this attack and experienced a surge of power during which he bound Ravenna's soul to the Chain of Nekros. Ravenna now lives on in the Chain, though she cannot verbally communicate and adamantly protects her son from any and all harm. Despite her inability to communicate with other, Corvus can understand her through his mediumship powers.


  • Ravenna's name is a feminine version of the name Raven, referring to the bird, and is also the name of an Italian city.
Preceded by
Unknown, eventually Nekros
Head of the House of Nekros Succeeded by
Corvus the Crow

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