Typeicon-CD Typeicon-Bell
Personal data
Gender Female
Species Demon
Occupation Second-in-command of the Chess Demons
Ruler of Oblivion
Summons of Pan the Goat
Morality Evil
Living status Active
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix

Queen, originally known as The Black Queen, is one of the leaders of the Chess Demons and rulers of Oblivion along with King.

Physical description

Queen is a large standing, armor clad warrior wielding a variety of blades. She has three strips of cloth, forming a cape-like feature.


Queen is one of the three level 3 creatures of the Chess Demons. She combines all the strengths of the pawns, rooks, knights and bishops with almost none of their weaknesses.


  • Dark energy manipulation: Like the bishops, Queen can wield dark energy.
    • Dark energy projection: She can project dark energy in the form of attacks such as blasts, bullets, waves, bolts and beams.
    • Dark energy force-field generation: She can use dark energy to form a protective force-field around themselves or allies to deflect oncoming attacks.
  • Oblivion flame: Queen is an adept wielder of the Oblivion Flame, a demonic fire that she can use to incinerate her enemies.
Chess Demon Weapons

Chess Demon arsenal

  • Dimensional weapons storage: Like the knights, Queen is a master of many forms of weaponry and are capable of storing each of these weapons in her own, individual pocket dimension. She can change her weapon equipment at will by accessing this pocket dimension and switching her weapons.
  • Speech and telepathic communication: Queen is capable of both physical and telepathic speech.
  • Enhanced intelligence
  • Enhanced speed, strength, perception, reflexes and durability


  • Combat proficiency: Queen is highly proficient in combat of all sorts, both unarmed and armed.
    • Weapon mastery: Queen is a master of nearly all forms of weapons that she has at her disposal such as swords, shields, maces, axes, daggers, spear, halberds, flails, and javelins.
    • Dual-wielding: Queen is proficient at dual-wielding multiple weapons at once.
    • Marksmanship: Queen is an excellent marksman, capable of striking a target with perfect precision and accuracy from a great distance.
  • Strategic planning: Queen uses her high intelligence to plan strategic movements and battle tactics.
  • Battlefield coordination: Queen is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, whether on her own or leading her forces into battle.


Along with her husband, King, Queen is one of the rulers of the Chess Demons. Due to a pact with a family bloodline on Earth, Queen is capable of being summoned to the physical plain. However, when she and King are summoned, no other levels can be summoned. As King often remains inactive, Queen takes a more upfront role as leader, while her husband waits in the shadows.


  • Queen is based on the chess pieces of the same name.

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