Ren the Fox

Ren is the current holder of the Prophet's Eye and is marked on his right eye by the crest of Divinus.

The Prophet's Eye, also called the All-Seeing Eye, is a phenomenon occuring only within the House of Divinus. It only occurs once every thousand or so years and the possessor is marked with the symbol of the Prophet's Eye on one of his or her own eyes in place of the iris. Only one individual may possess the Prophet's Eye at a time.

Known possessors


The possessor of the Prophet's Eye is granted with the ability to see visions of major and cataclismic events in the future. These visions are uncontrollable and subject the possessor to immense pain during each vision. Unlike the natural seer abilities, the Prophet's Eye does not require any work or skill to see into the future and in most cases it shows important events that the possessor needs to know. While other seers in the Divinus family can use their powers to predict specific and low level outcomes, the Prophet's Eye reveals more high risk and high level events.

If the user concentrates hard enough, they can trigger visions of past events witnessed by other possessors of the Prophet's Eye. This however, is incredibly difficult and causes greater pain than the normal, uncontrollable visions of the future.


  • The Prophet's Eye is based on the Eye of Providence.
  • The mark of the Prophet's Eye is the same as the crest of the House of Divinus.

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