Prometheus is the captain of Princess Vesta's personal guard.

Personal data
Gender Male
Species Pegasus pony
Occupation Captain of the Flame Guard
Thief (formerly)
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix
Appearances Journey to the West

Prometheus is a pegasus pony and the captain of Princess Vesta's Flame Guard, as well as her lover and the father of Apolla/Sunset Shimmer. He is extremely loyal to Vesta and the kingdom of Wu Xing and follows the princess' orders without question. In return, Vesta places a great deal of faith and trust in him. Additionally, rumors circulate through Wu Xing regarding just how closely Prometheus works with Princess Vesta and the exact nature of their relationship.

Physical description

Prometheus is a light orange colored pegasus with burgundy colored hair and bright blue eyes. His mane consists of thick, wild locks that are swept back and his tail is tied with two light blue bands. He wears gold and red armor and wears a red band around his right upper leg.


In his youth, Prometheus was rash and very hot-headed. But, since becoming a royal guard, he has shed his youthful hot-headed attitude for a more calm, stern and serious personality. Prometheus maintains a professional attitude at all times, especially in the presence of Princess Vesta, to whom he is extremely loyal. He has a strong sense of duty and loyalty and will not hesitate to sacrifice himself to protect Wu Xing. Prometheus holds himself to very high standards and when he fails to perform his duty, such as when he failed to protect his and Vesta's daughter Apolla, he became riddled with guilt.



  • Flight: As a pegasus, Prometheus is a capable and skilled flier.
  • Weather control: Additionally, Prometheus has the ability to manipulate the weather, though he does not use this often.
  • Enhanced speed and agility


  • Stealth and infiltration: In his youth, Prometheus was adept at sneaking into houses and stealing food. He was at least skilled enough to sneak past royal guards and break into the royal palace.
  • Combat training: As part of his training with the royal guards, Prometheus is highly trained in physical combat.
  • Flight maneuverability: Prometheus is a skilled and adept flier, able to expertly maneuver through the skies and heavy winds.
  • Leadership: Prometheus is an effective leader of the flame guard.
  • Strategic planning: He is also an excellent strategist and delegator of his troops.


  • Armor


  • Prometheus is named after the Titan of Greek mythology of the same name, who was known for stealing fire to give to man and being punished for it by having his liver ripped out by a golden eagle every day.
    • Prometheus' cutie mark of a golden wing and torch is a reference to this.
  • Prometheus was originally intended to be a unicorn, but was later changed to a pegasus.
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