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This page refers to the Bakugan fan character, Plezira. For the original incarnation, see Plezira.

Plezira monster of loch ness by zephyros phoenix-d3ee6kc

Aquos Plezira is the secondary guardian of Sora Minamoto.

Personal data
Nicknames Nessie
Gender Female
Species Vestroian Bakugan
G power 800
Occupation Battle Brawlers member
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix
Appearances Second Chances
Spread Your Wings

Aquos Plezira (アクウオス・プレズィラ Akuuosu Purezira), commonly referred to as Nessie (ネスィー Nesii), is an Aquos attributed Bakugan and one of the two guardians of Sora Minamoto.

Physical description

Plezira is a large white plesiosaur-like creature with blue stripes along her body and orange fins. She has two large fins sticking out of her shoulders, which when viewed from the front with her neck in the middle, inspired the legends of the tridents used to rule the seas. She has red markings on her face and two horns sticking out of her head. The bright blue jewel on her forehead was a gift from her lover, Leviathan.


Plezira is a wise and graceful Bakugan. She is very mature and polite and dislikes rude behavoir and does not hesitate to correct behavoir as she sees fit. She rarely ever loses her cool and always maintains a calm demeanor.


Sora Minamoto

Nessie cares very much for Sora's well being and provides her with advice on how to handle her feelings for Ren. She will do anything to keep her battling partner safe.


Nessie has a very strong bond with her lover, Lex. She cares very much for Lex and they openly exchange their affections with each other.


  • Crystal Storm: Adds 500Gs to Plezira.
  • Siren Call: Causes male Bakugan to fall in love with her and are prevented from activating abilities. Automatically summons Leviathan.
  • Poseidon's Trident: Transfers 200Gs from opponent and adds 500Gs to Plezira.
  • Red Streak: Nullifies opponent's Gate Card and adds 400Gs to Plezira.
  • Midgard's Gate: Prevents opponent from activating abilities and adds 500Gs to Plezira.


Plezira came from the Aquos realm of Vestroia. There, she was the mate of Leviathan. A dimensional portal opened up and the two fell to Earth where they later came into possession of Sora.

During the events of Gundalian Invaders, Nessie and Lex battled against Linehalt and won. They were later taken along with Sora, to Gundalia by Sid Arcale and brainwashed by Kazarina as soldiers. When Nessie used her Siren Call ability, it broke the hypnotism on Lex who was later able to free her. Soon after, Ren returned to Gundalia to rescue Sora, but asked Nessie and Lex that they not tell Sora about it. They kept their promise and joined the Brawlers to Neathia and became Castle Knights.

She later took part in a two on one battle against Ren Krawler and Jesse Glenn and won.


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